Survey: Great Navigation Apps for Drivers

Navigation is a struggle – especially for drivers.


If you’re a driver, then you know how difficult it is to navigate. You know how stressful it is to have to pin down a particular location, especially if that area is still new to you and if you have never been there before. Now pair that difficulty with a companion who can’t seem to be of any help to you, and you’re really on your way to a travel and navigation disaster.

Of course, in times like these, you no longer find yourself helpless in terms of directions. Even if you find yourself in an Amsterdam holiday, and it’s the first time you’ve ever been in Amsterdam, you don’t have to feel so powerless in the face of your Amsterdam city trip. All you have to do is download a particular application on your device, and voila – you have your very own best friend that can very well do the navigation for you. Here’s a list of some of the best navigation apps (whether you’re using an Apple or an Android device).


Top Navigating Apps You Can Use


  1. inRoute

The big map apps all do point-to-point directions with ease, but what about those of us who make multiple stops along one trip? For the road-tripper in all of us, there’s inRoute, a free app that gives you the freedom to plot up to five stops on one trip. InRoute also lets you search for points of interest between where you are and where you’re going, handy in a pinch when you find yourself in the backwoods in need of a gas station.


  1. Apple Maps

Sometimes what you’ve already got is good enough. Apple’s proprietary maps app is no superstar, but it gets the job done. With live traffic updates, 3D displays and pretty much everything else you need as a driver – not to mention the ability to work seamlessly with Siri – you may want to stick with what’s already on your iPhone for the sake of simplicity (and data storage).


  1. Waze

Waze was an overnight success, and has become a cult favorite among commuters in the know, with good reason. By using inputs from other drivers in the area and around the world, it crowd-sources traffic updates, road hazards, detours, speed cameras, and even police officers lurking behind the nearest sight-line obstruction. Users can get detailed too, with the ability to make notes and post photos to be clearer about what lies on the road ahead.


  1. Google Maps


There’s a reason Google Maps stays so high on this list, and much of it has to do with the wealth of information afforded to the internet giant. Live traffic updates, estimated times of arrival, and nearby places of interest are what Google does best, and as an all-rounder, there are none better. Google has also upped its game in the suggestion department, learning what routes you take and what you like to do on your way and using it to personalize the experience.



  1. HERE

With a massive fleet of mapping vehicles and cloud-based updates, HERE is able to plot directions almost down to the inch, hence the interest from automakers for their autonomous car efforts. It’s free to download, free to use, and setting route preferences is easier than offerings from Google and Apple. It also gives you driving, walking, and public transit directions in one place, rather than having to re-search for each separate option.