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Here on AndRoute, we help you get the lowdown on the latest navigation apps (as well as our reliable reviews of them). We know how important navigation apps are these days, and so we do whatever we can just to make sure that whatever app you choose to use, you are guaranteed of its maximum functionality.







Using Google Maps


To save a couple of clicks for voice-guided navigation, after you’ve entered your destination or tapped a point on the map, press and hold the transportation icon on the bottom right of the screen, and Google Maps should start spouting off directions right away. read more



Using Waze App


You can use your Waze app to set a reminder for you to leave. To set a Waze reminder to leave, enter your destination, tap the Later button, and then scroll through to set the time you need to arrive. On the right, you’ll see a graph of how bad traffic may be on your route during that time of the day. Once you’ve set your arrival time, tap Save, and Waze will remember to send a notification when it’s time to leave. read more