If You’re Someone Who Always Gets Lost…

Don’t get drowned out in all the directions. Use an app.


Being someone who has quite a weak sense of direction can be a little unsettling. Even if you do happen to be with other people who can master routes quite well, it still can be disturbing that you seem to be the only one who doesn’t know where to go. (It’s like being someone who goes to shop online like everyone else, but doesn’t even know how to use coupon codes on products.)

What to do, then? Simple. Get yourself acquainted using navigation apps. Also, resist the temptation to immediately think of Google Maps. There are other apps that are more specialized and more individualized than Google Maps, and here are a few of them.


Some Navigation Apps Perfect for Wandering People

All Trails


Trail maps and signposts are not always properly maintained, causing hikers and bikers to get lost along a route. All Trails allows users to follow along in real time on the app, while sharing notes and photos with friends. This is perfect for those who intend to go on treks or hikes.






Forget about texting overbearing parents or obsessive friends. The Scout app can automatically send alerts on your estimated arrival time to whomever you choose, and update them as traffic or scheduling changes. (So yes, there IS a way to help your mom relax as you take your very first solo vacation as a legit adult.)



Sidekix won’t get you to your destination the quickest, but it will show you the coolest stuff along the way. Users can choose a category of amenity or stop they’re looking for, whether it’s a coffee shop or art gallery. Local bloggers will recommend the very best. This is perfect for those who have gotten pretty tired of all things that have become commonplace or mainstream.


Cool Cousin

Similar to Sidekix, Cool Cousin offers insider guides to cities around the world, including New York City, London, and Paris. As the name indicates, the app is like having a cool cousin to tell you where the best Indian food in London is, or where to go dancing in Rio de Janeiro. Instead of having to contact someone else’s cousin, get this app instead.