The Waze App

The Waze App

Some Precious Tricks to Apply on Your Waze App


So, you’re finally off to your family vacation, on your way to your Amsterdam holiday. You’ve shopped in online shops like Lazada and Zalora for your clothes and other materials you can use, but do you know where to go? Have you downloaded a good navigation app? The kortingscode bestseller shop is used to get more out of your money, but don't worry because you can just download this app for free.

For most Android users, Google Maps is the preferred navigation platform, but don’t discount the Waze app for traffic information, navigation routes, and a lot more. Waze is a perfectly reliable alternative, and a good replacement for Google Maps, especially if you like rich visuals. If Kortingscode for HP products are found online, you can also get discounts for navigation devices on online shops.




Unlock some precious functions on your Waze app through these tips.


You can use your Waze app to set a reminder for you to leave. To set a Waze reminder to leave, enter your destination, tap the Later button, and then scroll through to set the time you need to arrive. On the right, you’ll see a graph of how bad traffic may be on your route during that time of the day. Once you’ve set your arrival time, tap Save, and Waze will remember to send a notification when it’s time to leave.


Use ‘Send ETA’ when you’re running late and you need to let them know. If you’re finding yourself running behind schedule, tap Send ETA to bring up the Android sharing dialog. From here, you can let your friend or family member know you’re on the way through email or a text message. Note that you’ll have to be registered for a Waze account for this to work.


Scared of getting pulled over? Use Waze’s built in Speedometer. If you’re a speed demon, you should slow down—but if you just can’t rein yourself in without help, you can ask Waze to sound an alarm when you’re driving too fast. In the settings, under Speedometer, you can set when to have Waze alert you that you’re over the speed limit. By default, the speedometer will display the speed limit in the area you’re driving when you’re exceeding the limit by at least five miles per hour. Before you download a navigation app on your device, you need to check which app is better to use same as when you "internet en bellen vergelijken is a good way to get the best" or comparing internet and calling is a good way to get the best.

Bonus tip:

Change your Waze app’s voice. Tap Voice language and select which voice you’d like to hear. There’s a wide range of choices, including voices in different languages. Some voices can only be unlocked after you’ve used Waze for a while. You can now travel and take photos anywhere without any worries of getting lost. Also, you can "save more with korting webprint foto's afdrukken" or save more with discount print web print photos.