1. What makes HERE a great navigation app?

With a massive fleet of mapping vehicles and cloud-based updates, HERE is able to plot directions almost down to the inch, hence the interest from automakers for their autonomous car efforts. It’s free to download, free to use, and setting route preferences is easier than offerings from Google and Apple. It also gives you driving, walking, and public transit directions in one place, rather than having to re-search for each separate option.

  1. How does zooming in help with Google Maps’ functions?

To save a couple of clicks for voice-guided navigation, after you’ve entered your destination or tapped a point on the map, press and hold the transportation icon on the bottom right of the screen, and Google Maps should start spouting off directions right away. This may not be useful if you want to see all the different routing options, but if you’re not picky, this move will save you time.

  1. How does familiarizing a route help me?

You don’t want to find out at the last minute that you’re going to have to cross three major roads or make a few quick-succession turns or merges. A few moments getting a general sense of the route and the direction in which you’re headed will help you make better split-second decisions while you’re driving — not only keeping you on your intended route but keeping you safer, too.

  1. What is this Sidekix app?

Sidekix won’t get you to your destination the quickest, but it will show you the coolest stuff along the way. Users can choose a category of amenity or stop they’re looking for, whether it’s a coffee shop or art gallery. Local bloggers will recommend the very best. This is perfect for those who have gotten pretty tired of all things that have become commonplace or mainstream.

  1. What can I do with my Waze app if I want to leave early?

To set a Waze reminder to leave, enter your destination, tap the Later button, and then scroll through to set the time you need to arrive. On the right, you’ll see a graph of how bad traffic may be on your route during that time of the day. Once you’ve set your arrival time, tap Save, and Waze will remember to send a notification when it’s time to leave.

  1. How do I change my Waze app’s voice?

Tap Voice language and select which voice you’d like to hear. There’s a wide range of choices, including voices in different languages. Some voices can only be unlocked after you’ve used Waze for a while.